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Poor county deputy secretary of suspected seven deadly sins mone

Guo ChaomeiYin Haiyi March 24th ,Shanxi province Baode County Housing construction security bureau former deputy director general of Li Zhiqiang in the county court for trial .Baode County procuratorate sent 6 prosecutors appear in court tosupport the public prosecution ,accused Li Zhiqiang of suspected of accepting bribes ,embezzlement ,breach of privilege of crime ,the crime of huge unidentified property ,illegal profiteering from land use rights ,crime ,crime of swindling loans illegally cross the national border ( frontier) environmental crime ,which is suspected of bribery ,corruption, more than 400 yuan in 37 yuan,a huge amount of property of unknown origin of more than 300 yuan .
Li Zhiqiang in charge of the giant ,amount of locally rare ,is a typical little official corruption .The court hearing ,and the audience to thousands of people .The community is so concerned about the case ,there is a important reason: play have three Erhualian Li Zhiqiang ,people doing things like the act, wiping white nice, wiping the red sing red ,its political domineering ,rampant in Baode for many years .
1 remotecounty made a big corrupt Baode county located in the northwest of Shanxi Province ,Shanxi, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia interchange ,entire county 150000 population .Here traffic is out-of-the-way ,gully freely ,land is barren .
Minyan Hequ Baode, ten year nine does not close, man extraoral ,pick wild woman ,described the local people of the hardships of life .Until the end of last century, the county finance income less than 40000000 yuaneach year .
However ,in such a remote poverty county ,was made popular news .The law enforcement and Discipline Department verifying ,since 2006, this county housing construction security bureau former deputy director general Li Zhiqiang use a post, crazy amass wealth, illegal amounting to more than 2600 yuan is gigantic .
From the prosecutor ,Li Zhiqiang can be seen by taking the advantage of his position to become rich history .In recent years ,with the exploitation of coal resources ,rapid economic development in Baode county .
National real estate speculation and on the economy of Baode is expected to ,this is the oldest of the Loess Zone to unprecedented prosperity ,the real estate industry is wind unboiled water .
Li Zhiqiang is acutely aware of this excellent opportunity to make a fortune ,he successively with the relatives of the name of two Real Estate Company ,determined in troubled waters .In 2006, Li Zhiqiang buy with 480000 yuan Baode county is located in the village of Temple of a land ,to the control of the Real Estate Company in the land built residential quarters ,Christian Louboutin Decollete 100mm Nude,foreign sales, acquisition of high profits .
After the incident ,the judicial identification ,the land use rights transaction market value of 2397300 yuan .In exchange, Li Zhiqiang temple village cadre in violation of the provisions of the village, a residential area construction project for construction land planning permit and construction project planning permit .
This investment to obtain huge profits ,so that Li Zhiqiang was emboldened .The same year ,he appropriated by Baode County Construction Bureau houses with the name of the County Land Bureau signed a lease agreement ,the agreement of the land user as Baode County Construction Bureau houses ,not transferable .
After Li Zhiqiang violation of state-owned land lease, lease agreement to the contrary ,land block leased to 24 people,and in violation of the provisions of 24rental householdshouseholds through the planning permit of construction engineering .
In 24 of rental households households completed a total of 1100 square meters of buildings,Li Zhiqiang was in violation of the provisions for them with the real estate certificate .Li Zhiqiang works be a law onto oneself ,most when him back 8 seals,in order to build bureau name illegal act has breach of privilege ,caused economic losses of 130 yuan.
In 2007,he fails to go through the land transfer procedures of the case ,has purchased 4 parcels of land,through illegal profiteering from land use rights ,gain profit more than yuan 100 .In 2008, Li Zhiqiang has invested 2438200 yuan ,below the market price to buy two is located in the county town of rural collective land for his own Real Estate Company ,residential development .
Thereafter ,he used his powers to violations of the two village construction project for construction land planning permit and construction project planning permit .As long as we can make money ,Li Zhiqiang is never act recklessly and care for nobody .
In 2010, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Erdos City Liu Moulai Baode for business in Li Zhiqiang .Liu said that a good project make its investment becomes a shareholder ,if not ,to 2.
5 of the monthlyloan to Li Zhiqiang .Later ,Li Zhiqiang arranged for his brother Li Zhiyong to Baode County Credit Union loans .Li Zhiyong to invest in real estate development on the grounds of false use ,used his real estate license and another be more in name than in reality the property as collateral for a loan of 3800000 yuan ,the national .
2 courtdenied his bribery corruption prosecution allegations, Li Zhiqiang in the purchase of land in the process, is suspected of taking bribes of 4355500 yuan .During the trial, Li Zhiqiang denied this, repeatedly stressed that only the right of land use normal transactions, and trustees in interests between no commitments ,no agreement .
Indeed, Li Zhiqiang seems to have no direct illegally accepts others ,but through his trading form has hidden interests ,it is money .Prosecutors say ,large amounts of material evidence ,documentary evidence ,proved Li Zhiqiang is in after obtaining land use rights ,the Construction Bureau deputy director in charge of urban construction planning office facilities, in violation of the provisions of two administrative village construction project for construction land planning permit and construction project planning permit ,and the two administrative village the village committee in order to make the construction project in the process of planning and construction permits easy, to low-cost transfer of land use rights to Li Zhiqiang .
In 1998, Baode county government allocated to the county of urban management to monitor the group a piece of land as the team office land .The then deputy director of the Bureau of construction and urban management to monitor the Group Captain Li Zhiqiang ,the unauthorized use of lands to the battalion of the 14 workersfor residential building .
Later ,he will be part of the remaining land sold the team to 7 workers, 37 yuanall proceeds by embezzle .Reportedly ,he divided in to workers ,deliberately does not give employees enough to divide the suitable area ,sit in the home to a single worker to come to buy ,not only do a good job and making money .
The prosecution alleged embezzlement 37 yuanof the facts of the crime, Li Zhiqiang shirk, that is their own business investment .The public prosecutor is to testify ,build a house must depend on the land ,Li Zhiqiang used his position to will county government allocated to the City Supervision Brigade part of the land use rights illegally sold to others ,and the more than 37 yuan alldevour ,its behavior already constituted the crime of corruption .
3 yearfor pig active when the deputy director Li Zhiqiang born in 1956 ,in 1974 to enter theBaode County theater Jin ,became an actor ,designed to sing three Erhualian ,that is usually said .
In 1995, he every dog has his day ,was transferred to the County Construction Bureau of urban management to monitor the group ,as the captain ,in October the same year was appointed deputy director of the Bureau of construction and urban management to monitor the group leader .
About him when Baode County Construction Bureau deputy director of the process ,there is a story .In 1995 a stormcaused the verge of the Yellow River city flood disaster ,rocks ,debris and clay silt with high streets and back lanes .
Many residents of wall and house collapsed ,livestock around rush ,a time of county traffic order and chaos ,to the county government to take measures for flood control of great disorder .
For this, the county government issued an order for the masses ,look after your livestock ,not out the door .However ,due to lack of building materials and other reasons, it is difficult to build the masses piggery ,the cattle are still around .
So ,leading to the selection and a charge of urban management to monitor the Construction Bureau deputy director ,the basic principle is the one who can turn County Livestock run of good governance ,Christian Louboutin Pigalle Plato 140mm,who will do the deputy director .
At this time Li Zhiqiang began as urban management to monitor the group leader .In flood control in those days, he every day with Shangjie inspection ,found to have run into the street scene of slaughter livestock ,then ,can master .
The Henzhao effect significant legislation ,the pigs had put down .For this,Louboutin Pomp Bout rond, Li Zhiqiang was the county leader praise .Before long ,he officially go to take office County Construction Bureau deputy director .
Actually, the pig well behind the success ,is his day with her appearance ,the evening went quietly killed the pig ,apology ,also out-of-pocket damages people loss .Li Zhiqiang did not because of his mercy and kindness ,Christian Louboutin du jour,but because he was involved in politics soon, not to offend people .
More importantly ,he knew he should sit on the construction deputy director of the Bureau of the chair, the need for community support .4 is themean what one says Deputy is the boss be skilled in debate ,be subject to changing moods ,elusive .
In his life as the stage ,or red or white ,in its political ,still had most incisive tricks .From the Secretary to the developers ,and finally performing a fugitive .He knew he had to escape legal sanction ,under the alias of Li Dashan to sneak into Burma .
Interestingly ,the case-handling personnel be captured ,in their luggage to find a criminal law ,and he put the relevant law was word-perfect .Li Zhiqiang after the incident ,the local departments of discipline inspection on its evaluation is rampant in Baode for many years ,breach of privilege ,act arrogant ,low character ,bad influence ,a very bad image .
Early in the Li Zhiqiang early Baode county urban management to monitor the group leader ,hit or swear at people is his homely food .Before and after the 2005, he not only hit by law enforcement people ,even his people is motionless is a slap in the face .
On his own before and after the two director of repeated insult ,abuse ,resulting in a resignation ,let out .Li Zhiqiang served as deputy director of the Bureau of construction over the years ,the Baode county government several times to adjust the cadre ,no one is willing to go to the office as director .
In the Construction Bureau ,although Li Zhiqiang deputy ,but mean what one says .In 2004, the New Construction Bureau arrived near the county decided in the town square ,the installation of high pole lamps ,Li Zhiqiang recommended a supply manufacturers .
After another manufacturer to negotiate for supply ,specifications and constant quality ,price 15000 yuan.The director decided to use the latter to provide inexpensive high pole street lamp .
In response, Li Zhiqiang hatred, a television reporter with the director ,the purchase and installation of high pole lamps have rebate interviews ,and in a television report .Xinzhou city discipline inspection department survey ,the matter was it is sheer fiction .
On 2006, Li Zhiqiang will be forced to hire Construction Bureau of nosocomial 6garageand storeroom demolition ,fails to go through the land ,urban construction planning procedures organization staff in hospital building staff residential buildings .
The house wants to who to who ,his relatives are assigned to the housing .He not only won to build bureau director Guo et al. The opposition, in the house completed also does not give them the allocation of housing .
5 Li Zhiqiang small government big corrupt Li Zhiqiang acting for many years, transferred into 1988 CountyBureau of weights and measures ,and adjust agricultural industry ,transferred into 1995 county construction bureaudeputy director general of urban management to monitor the group leader .
Although the Li Zhiqiang identity changed ,but the image does not change .He put on stage is the harlequin ,ultimately to Harlequin .The prosecutor pointed out that ,in the interests of the driver ,Li Zhiqiang put his power as the exchange chip ,power, money ,use unscrupulous divisive tactics to seek personal interests .
Especially in the promotion to the Construction Bureau deputy director ,to obtain greater benefits ,he began to form cliques ,cultivate confidant ,and even opponents ,make construction bureau once can not work normally ,seriously affected the county Party committee and prefectural government to deploy the work carry out fulfil .
As the repentant book says: my 20years as a party member ,Party member is not in accordance with the standards themselves ,to spur their own ,but speculative market, day planning how to do business to make money, economic interest thought takes up the entire brain layer ,organic meeting is to make money ,make money .
In the job, often over leadership ,think how old ability, look down on others ,indulge in verbiage ,crave for greatness and success .Promoted to assistant director ,not the party authority used to work for the party place ,but operate their own small circle ,form cliques ,seriously disturbs the normal business unit ,to the overall impact .
Now in retrospect ,too much ,too sorry organization and leadership of the care .The prosecutors said Li Zhiqiang case ,the lesson is very deep ,to Party members and leading cadres in politics at least three warning education significance -- caution :leading cadres should correctly deal with power ,and always maintain a feeling of awe .
Li Zhiqiang is not properly treated with power ,Christian Louboutin,only to a breach of privilege ,power of illegal road .The case that leads a cadre, should always bear in mind that his power is given by the party and the people ,can only be used for the party and the people services .
Warning two: leading cadres should correctly treat the interest ,and always maintain a balance of heart .Li Zhiqiang as a national public service personnel ,not only in business do a business, but also the embezzlement ,bribery ,illegal amount amounts to 2600 yuan,is a small official corruption .
His lessons are warning each party members and cadres ,must set up the correct values ,consciously resist the temptation of interest .Warning three: leading cadres should correctly deal with life ,grasp the constraint of yourself .
Li Zhiqiang was intelligent, but he didn one in the way .He sees life as a game ,life outlook ,world outlook ,values of extreme distortions ,causing it to seek nothing but profits ,even trample Party discipline and state laws .
Cleverness may overreach itself. ,however ,money can put people in heaven ,can also send people to hell .If at this point to grasp not of yourself, is doomed to lose all standing and reputation ,people destroy property empty .
(Credit: SN017 )relationresult&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;Sina exclusive articles: the work ( text ,images ,graphics and audio and video) Sina for special use ,without authorization, any media or individual is allowed to reprint in whole or in part .
The suspect to identify the scene .In new network report issued by Guo Jinjia in new Chongqing in January 14 report( reporter Guo Jinjia ) in 2006 killed3peopledriving into serious traffic accident driver Luomou ,fled after 4 and a half years in Yunnan Kunming District of Chongqing city police captured .
The 14 day,a police escort back to Chongqing luo .Twenty-two twenty on July 1, 2006 ,driving a car without a license ,a heavy truck in Jiangbei District of Chongqing City Ping five City Industrial Park at the crossroads turn left ,with a straight two wheel motorcycle collided, causing the motorcycle driver and two passengers died on the spot .
After the accident, the driver was a scene from the abandoned car escape .In the next 4 years half time,Chongqing Jiangbei police repeatedly organized police pursuit ,footmark pervades Chengdu ,Beijing ,Xinjiang ,Shijiazhuang ,Jiangxi ,Shanxi ,Guangdong ,Tangshan and other places ,but due to various reasons ,the suspect Luomou has failed to arrest .
By the end of 2010, the Chongqing Jiangbei police carefully touch row, mastered the suspect Luomou alias and may be hiding place .Analysis and grasp of the situation ,the police judge ,one may in Yunnan province outside Kunming, a construction company .
Chongqing Jiangbei District police quickly set up a hunt group ,set out from Chongqing on January 11, 2011 before dawn ,on the morning of 9arrived in Kunming and startedpursuit work .Be responsible for the arrest of the pursuit of Jiangbei District of Chongqing City Public Security Bureau of traffic and patrol police detachment of deputy commander Zhao Zhifeng told reporters ,police in Kunming arrest group cooperate to fall, quickly locked Luomou work site owner position ,and rapid control of its boss, Xiao mou .
Through persuasion ,Xiao Mou agreed to cooperate with the police ,the police immediately disguised as workers driving site vehicles in Xiao Mou lead to arrest site .Zhao Zhifeng said the arrest group arrived at the construction site ,there were never found Luo Mou ,11,fourteen fifty PM, Xiao Mou finally by mobile phone and Luomou made contact, police learns Luo Mou position quickly to arrest .
That day 15 when make ,the police on the road will not found ready to drive to escape the Luo mou .Luo Mou told reporters ,the escape of 4 and a half yearshe has been living in fear ,just happened that time still often woke up in the dream .
Speaking of himself has 4 and a half yearshave not met the two son and 71 year oldmother ,Luomou cry and shed bitter tears .He says ,want to be all drivers alert ,after someone encountered such a situation never run away again ,doesn ,also want to say sorry for the families of the deceased .
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Husband wife hot temper its poison too secondary school students

Morning paper dispatch (reporter Yan Fei) feel the wife is slightly lower than the average IQ,Christian Louboutin Decollete 100mm Nude, temper and do housework, Inner Mongolia to Beijing Jia a in wife gruel bowl on pesticide, after being found.
Recently, Gu Mou is in the murder prosecution to the court of Shunyi.In 2006, 29 years old of Jia a was introduced and home in Shunyi Kang married.After marriage, Gu Mou found Jiang Mou IQ less than normal, but Jia some feel his great age, it is external, want to do with it.
Second years, two people have one son.But Jiang Mou is not a good temper, not how to do housework, Gu Mou is increasingly intolerable.In 2010 a day of June,Louboutin pas cher, Jiang Mou to go out to play, come back after two people so they argue, Jia was a desire to be learned ginger.
Two days later, at 5 in the morning after getting up, Jia a boil half pot of porridge, for himself and his sons filled a bowl, after Jia a in the remaining one bowl poured a little pesticide,Louboutin Pump Plate forme, and called a get up to eat ginger.
Jiang Mou up Sheng porridge, porridge hot cool for a few minutes.Kang was about to eat, saw porridge was covered a layer of foam, Jiang Mou will end his bowl to ask Gu Mou is something, Gu Mou grabbed the bowl, said that drugs, Jiang Mou asks why poison Gu Mou, Gu Mou did not speak.
After the ginger alarm.Asian Heart Network (reporter Huo Yanlei correspondent Xing Jun) in agricultural school in Changji secondary Xiao Jun et al, class is disciplinary committee Zhu named several times, did not think of, Xiao Jun et al this grudge, and told in the school's good friend Xiao Gang, then they mustered 8 individuals will be blocked by Zhu, prepared a machete, in its body cut down more than 20 knife, fled the scene, recently, a small army and others on suspicion of the crime of intentional injury was arrested.
In Changji farming school small army, the self-study class, like to talk, but the class discipline committee Zhu warnings, also let small army was very unhappy, why others no matter, I say, you tube, it is clear and I cannot get through.
At the same time, the other two students have the same feeling, jade three people after discussing, think, do not give Zhu lesson, I haven't a good day, then three people found the street without industry Hang xiaogang.
Xiao Gang said, "well, after the lessons, to ask everybody to eat a meal, a few people after repeated tracking, found Zhu noon often in Changji City area family hospital fitness equipment exercise.In May 14th 14 when make, a small army of 8 early in the waiting area of the shelter, see Zhu over, several people up by Zhu, a few argue later, Xiao just commanded, "bright guy,Christian Louboutin Hyper Prive 120mm!"Then, each from behind drew nearly 50 centimeters long machete in Zhu back, chest hackle a, see Zhu Mou covered in blood, lying on the ground,Christian Louboutin du jour, people have fled the scene.
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Men for gambling debts payment of filing false reports of self w

The newspaper news (reporter Xiao Cheng correspondent Huang, Yang Chunxia Muyan) Fu sand a clerk due to gambling debts owed billions, so to seize their own hands company payment.He hired two people to put on a "robbery", after his active alarm.
Police later debunked "robbery" the truth, the administrative detention for ten days, impose a fine of 500 yuan.Seventeen fifty-five on March 9th, Fu sand 110 command received a mass reported: the town hall on fitness germinal road sections, are two men on motorcycles robbed 23000 yuan of cash.
After the alarm, the police rushed to the scene and the police informant, a back to the police station for further understanding, at the same time to carry out the work of investigation and evidence collection.
Since then the informant to be "spoiled" to describe is not clear, be in a trance, caused the police suspect.After the police through the means of investigation, the two suspected "snatch" things a $23000 property of main girder of suspects.
According to the two suspects confession, they suffer a hiring, did a "fake robbery".The newspaper news (reporter safely) the Imperial Palace stone Baikui thieves arrested three days already, still many mysteries.
Yesterday, the Municipal Public Security Bureau bulletin, stone Baikui stole 9 pieces of exhibits in addition to the two member is the the Imperial Palace staff at the nearby "picked up", the police have recovered 4, there are 3 pieces missing.
Video: reporter visits the Imperial Palace exhibits robbery suspects home source: Qilu network "Daily News" reported earlier according to Phoenix TV, Shi Baikui in the interrogation confession, he stole parts of the collection were his "discarded".
He said, then, he held the loot to consult the "knowledgeable person", but some people say these things "may be less valuable", so he tossed.4 pieces were recovered exhibits last are gold enamel floral cosmetic box, it is in last night at about 11 in the Great Bell Temple near a trash can next to find.
According to Shi Baikui's account,Christian Louboutin Soirée, he escaped from the the Imperial Palace after the first run in the south, then turns to the northwest.The police followed the from the Imperial Palace after the escape route for a road, has found several pieces of exhibits.
Many public fears, if he really put to rest a few have also thrown in the trash or people are hurrying to and fro. Such as the bustling place, be destroyed or pick up the possibility of going with the time increasing, the articles can be found in the intact probability will be lower and lower, even we can find also became a problem.
Reporter discovery, finally recovered exhibits obvious damage, surface mount 11 flower "enamel flower" little flower.The police have released no other being recovered exhibits name and was recovered by the specific time, place, no introduction of damage.
As a result of the case is still under investigation, these were recovered exhibits will temporarily returned to rightful owners.There is supposedly from police, stone Baikui is in the escape snap switches, and cross the wall to escape from the the Imperial Palace.
But this claim remains doubtful: in his hands when the theft,www.christianoulouboutinpascher.com, various warning devices have not worked, whether then it has power, or Shi Baikui destroyed more than one power supply equipment?The external walls of the the Imperial Palace is about 10 meters high, if there is no ladders and other tools,Louboutin pas cher, stone Baikui show "professional skills" and skill, can be jumped over?If he wants to climb, will be left clear traces, the the Imperial Palace will not come out a statement, the suspect always hidden in the museum, the Shi Shi but with tourists go?In addition to the captured the details have been relatively clear outside, other links today still hiding in the mist.
He entered the Imperial Palace from the moment when the door,Christian Louboutin Lady Peep 150mm Aurora Boreale, to hide, to escape, as well as the final confession,Christian Louboutin Sandales, there are too many puzzles unsolved.| micro-blog recommended today micro-blog hot (editors:
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Journalist accused of prostitution to lose all sta

Reporterwas accused of whoring sued the website claims millions of newspaper news ( reporter Li Kui correspondent Jinchuan) reporter Jiang dissatisfaction website post bar article alleged prostitution ,the site will be at the court of claims 1 million yuan.
Reporter learned yesterday ,because this case involves individual privacy ,by Mr. Jiang after application, a court in Haidian has been performed and not a public hearing .Mr. Jiang was a northern newspaper editorial department director ,senior reporter ,won several national ,provincial journalism awards .
Since March 24, 2005 ,appeared on a Heilongjiang of note have evil posts ,then there is a Mr. Jiang prostitution case processing results announced today article .Mr. Jiang said ,these two articles are fabricated ,led to him being unit double ,break up families ,lose all standing and reputation ,I was admitted to a psychiatric hospital .
So ,Mr. Jiang to court, ordered the website stops tort ,elimination of the effects,Louboutin Shoes, rehabilitation ,and compensation for mental damages, medical fees of more than 100 yuan .This site has argued ,it is understood ,Mr.
Jiang is prostitution behavior ,and by the public security organs .The website says ,because the Bureau of public security administrative reconsideration withdrew to Mr. Jiang administrative punishment ,unit also returned to Mr.
Jiang position .Mr. Jiang send lawyer letter ,the website to find the post bar content ,timely delete .For Mr. Jiang proposed huge claims ,said Mr. Jiang cited the loss ,all because of suspected prostitution by the Bureau of public security administrative punishment and was double and unrelated website .
At present, the case is in farther cognizance .In new network on 27 December,according to the Singapore Singapore United Morning Post reported ,grandmother died two years ago ,Singapore 26 years old Chineseman to sun ID received nearly 100000 yuan of bequest,but not covered for heritage executor parents education fee deduction ,wedding expenses and computer fee ,to the residue of the estate to him ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,the two old .
The court to recover ,http://www.christianoulouboutinpascher.com/,Christian Louboutin Ireland,their heritage and interest .The son told parents civil case is not on .According to knowing ,Sue Huang Dingquan (Ocean Nicholas ) currently unemployed .He was graduated from Nanyang Technology University, Department of electrical engineering ,at the beginning of this year with a Chinese woman for marriage .
According to the newspaper data ,is listed as the respondent Huang Zhongcheng ( Mechanic ) and Wu Yueling ( Executive ) determine the son inheritance ,but believe they have a right to their heritage from the son in 30000,deduct 5121 yuan.
His son is that ,according to the law or the axiom ,the respondent shall not deduct any money ,and completely deny respondent refers to him in the education fee ,wedding expenses and computer costs .
The respondent to deduct money from Huang Zhongcheng to fund educational programs including :account to pay for the prosecution of extracting ,Temasek Polytechnic and Nanyang Technology University 200006244 yuan ofeducation fees,Christian Louboutin Pigalle Plato 120mm Nude, the prosecution in the Nanyang Technology University 2487 Yuancomputer loan ( father Huang Zhongcheng when the guarantor ) ,as well as the prosecution of people wedding to parents to lend and promised to repay 6390yuan.
In October 17th this year, parents deduct the cost of his son ,one of 50000 Silver$4679 cheque to theson ,but the son .9 days later ( October 26th) ,Christian Louboutin Hyper Prive 120mm,the son of lawyer letter to parents to recover the money .
Meet the parents did not respond ,the son in law on 12 August first court ,to parents to claim the nearly 90000 yuan of heritage .It is known ,the prosecution grandmother Li Cuiyu died in 1995 ,in 2008 Septemberpassed away ;two the respondent is grandmother heritage executor and trustee .
Li Cuiyu took nearly 600000 yuan heritage are divided into six,Christian Louboutin Pigalle Plato 140mm, have five children and the eldest ( i.e. the prosecution ) each have a ;Huang Zhongcheng is the eldest brother ,a sister ;he and his wife had three children ,the prosecution is the eldest son .
The prosecution indictment only six .The prosecution of Huang Dingquan is one of the beneficiaries ,Louboutin Ireland,available heritage 800009801 yuan.In October 26th of this year,Christian Louboutin Pas Cher, his lawyer letter to parents punish the nearly 90000 yuan of money ,but the parents ignored the claim letter ,refused to return .
In addition to claim the money ,the prosecution to parents from the filing date ,but also his arrears of interest ,and bear the costs and other court that his legal fees .However ,according to the respondent 3 days this month onpresenting the written pleadings ,heritage is 900009801 yuan,not the prosecution said 80000 9801 yuan.
Statement of defense ,the prosecution in the grandmother died soon after ,put forward my grandmother in the savings bank account 100002000yuan of bequest.The defense refers to the prosecution to heritage executor (i.
e. the respondent .) the money went to .Sue Huang Dingquan admitted the money .He put 2000 yuanto parents ,agreed to let estate execution from his heritage, he secretly took the deducted 10000 yuan.
That is to say ,the prosecution ultimately earned 800009801 yuan.Statement of defense ,the respondent shall have the right to deduct from the heritage to prosecute people owe 3 yuan.In other words ,the prosecution actual proceeds for 50000 ,Louboutin Pump peep-toe,4679 yuan.
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The old man house demolitions were forcibly sent t

8 years old was accommodation ,face was sad Demolition Company demolitions ,put our house up !Recently, in the Suqian forum the netizen says ,a few nights ago ,several people with a 8 yearsold man came to the home run Inn ,then March off .
Just know later that several people is a Demolition Company, is the old street .The Post said ,old man lives in a hotel, but refused to take his children . We are innocent, why turning conflicts involving his body ?If the old man had an accident ,what should we do? A few days ago, reporters rushed to the Suqian survey found ,the net posts describe the true .
Hotel king boss face regret to told reporters ,not only to care for the elderly in their daily living ,but also for the elderly end end urine feces .Now do not know how to do ?Net post exposure :small hotel night in 8 yearstenant recently, at a forum in Suqian, a Demolition Company entitled angel ,put our house up !Post by many netizens onlookers .
Post by the first person voice wrote: my family is in the hotel opened ,my East is the demolition of a place ,a few nights ago ,a Demolition Company who come to my house and Hostel ,took out one hundred yuan threw my mom said ,booking a room ,and so on down .
Then took a look at the room ,no registration walked directly .So just black, my mum went out to buy food in the hotel ,no man, and then came a few people stand with an old man into the room ,the old man went lost room .
Was later learned that a few people is a Demolition Company, the old man is in the East has not yet signed house, is Demolition Company hard from house frame out into our home, and put his house demolition of half .
At the time,Louboutin Pump peep-toe, his son ,daughter-in-law ,daughter came out ,found the old man was lost in my home hotel ,said :the old man on the home you live ,from whom ,who you let go ,no one came to meet ,the old man has lived in your house .
That night my parents and they discuss his family home ,son said ,will not stay in our home, let people live a few days .We said :the one hundred money finishes living elderly walk ,don hang out .
Now the past few days ,and that the one hundred dollars would expire, the old man still in our home does not go ,hit his son saying no when telephone .The old man said :I did not want to ,is a hard wearing me out, I can ,didn me a good deal for before, I will always stay with you .
Post questioned said ,Demolition Company ,you do me wrong ?Why you put this contradiction and ,by illegal means to involve innocent people . The hotel is a public place ,the old man has been walking, also do not pay rent .
Effects of very bad to say ,should the thing who is responsible? Encountered wrong: sit wheelchair tenant shouting according to the network to provide the clues ,the reporter in Suqian residential streets in the ancient city of Chu Yuan neighborhood found near the hotel owner Mr.
wang .Mr. Wang Dalian hotel is located in the city of Suqian on the north side of the road .He said ,because the East is in the buildings ,road barrier ,the relocation of residents ,so not many people stay .
In December 21, 2010, the hotel in the sudden onset of an odd thing to let Mr. Wang has a headache .According to him ,in the afternoon, a man booked a room in the hotel ,at 9 pm, in its unwitting circumstance,Christian Louboutin New Declic 120mm, an old man was carried into the room .
In recent days ,when booking a room people disappear without a trace ,and in his many contacts to the old man son, said that the other would not back .Now every day to take care of the elderly living ,but also for the elderly end end urine feces .
Mr. Wang memories ,on the afternoon of 21 tothe hotel man I know ,zhang .Zhang says ,Christian Louboutin,want to live in the hotel ,booking a room ,immediately took out 100 yuandeposit .As prices every night as long as 15 yuan,Wang immediately to change ,Christian Louboutin 2012,Zhang said ,do not find ,these days are here .
Subsequently, Zhang walked .That evening, Mr. Wang out something ,home only child at home .9 pm, seven or eight people connected with push will carry a wearing only underwear ,sitting in a wheelchair in the elderly to the hotel ,a few people to help the elderly man in bed, under the covers, shut the door quickly .
Old man was shouting , someone to kill !Help !Mr. Wang lover ,then the old man doesn struggle ,but always shouting .Home suddenly come a isn convenient elderly tenants ,Mr. Wang has brought great trouble, he gave the old man food during the day to send water ,care of the elderly life ,even in the evening to the old shit end end urine ,care of the elderly living .
Because he knew that the old man in his inn ,if something unexpected ,he can not afford to . I find that Zhang, but how also can not find ,now no one asked ,how can I do ?Night :the naked was from the nest pulled out yesterday, Wang Inn, the reporter saw lying in bed in the elderly .
Mention oneself experience ,old man suddenly voice ,face or volume .Said the old man ,his surname ,this year just 80 years old ,a year before the fall caused by pelvis fracture ,after prolonged bed rest ,can only sit in the wheelchair .
Said the old man ,he has always lived alone in a new west side Qingnian Road ,Dalian Road on the north side of the house, the neighbors to sympathize with him ,often bring him something to eat .
I was sleeping in bed, with the lights on ,still awake ,staring at the roof ,suddenly rushed in seven or eight individuals ,recalled the evening of 21 happened,said the old man ,he was stunned ,don .
These people don let him wear the clothes, has brought him from the bed pulled out, these people put him up in a wheelchair lift ,even with push him to the outside .The old man yelled , ,someone to kill !Due to the proximity of many residents have moved away ,the old man shouts ,and did not cause too much attention .
However ,the old man cries or alarmed in the South Building of Wu ,he put on his clothes ,walked to the window to look, saw several people took the old man to frame of East Road, then grab come,Christian Louboutin Outlet, a few old houses will be knocked over .
Nearby residents noted ,these people, there is a surname Chen neighborhood committee staff ,including three four hands still holding the shield .Said the old man ,when he struggled to walk ,open your mouth to bite one wrist ,just across the wrist ,the man quickly alert ,hands immediately shrink back .
Before long, he saw a car driving up excavator .A few minutes later ,he heard his dwelling houses were excavator came with inverted voice ,Louboutin Pas Cher,I was not home ,said the old man ,and cried like a child .
The old man son: who sent it, who back !According to introduction ,after the incident ,is an elderly neighbor contact with all possible means ,opened in two elderly son call .Subsequently, the old man two son hurried to face the hotel ,Mr.
Wang ,he said ,his brothers won it ,we are not the brothers sent ,we would not now be back .The old man two sons says to the reporter ,the night of the incident ,a neighbor told him ,his house was demolished ,old father had been sent to the hotel ,he was reported to the police .
He said ,now will not take the old father back ,never pay for the hotel ,the old father who is sent by the king ,hotel boss who want money to ,and other things well, our brothers ,how to support the elderly to support ,not now back .
The reporter understands ,which took place in the night under cover of the demolitions ,three households housing in less than an hour was razed to the ground .According to the nearby residents, the evening went to ten or twenty, there wasn ,quiet ,they leave the door open ,with a flashlight in light ,to see whether there are any person ,someone is carried out ,and then the excavator rumbling sound .
A woman said ,he was greatly frightened .A house by the demolitions of the residents told reporters ,he once went to the demolition and staff on the issue of compensation, because couldn mobile phone ,then being who claimed ,www.christianoulouboutinpascher.com,was also a slap, want to go also can not walk .
And later still an acquaintance to ,before he was released .Thereafter ,he never scared to go to and removing personnel about demolition compensation .A similarly facing demolition said ,these men out of the compensation price for removal ,if the owner does not agree ,they are intimidating, and verbal abuse ,no sense .
The reporter understands ,this is located in the old Suqian normal on the south side of the house ,at last in the demolition area ,but later was responsible for the implementation of the demolition of the people break the law ,leading to the demolition work was stopped .
Neighborhood :do not understand the situation, the staff may be pass by in the interview residents mentioned several times, 21forced releasingin the neighborhood committee staff participation .
It is understood ,Louboutin Shoes,previously, Mr Chu Yuan contact City Street neighborhood of the relevant person in charge .This personage says ,for the demolition ,he did not know .For the hotel owner Wang distress ,he said ,who sent the old man to go ,who to .
You were in his book the room, why not do the registration? On the nearby residents witnessed the demolition site there are residents of staff, the source said ,which may be happened to pass by on site .
Yesterday, the reporter contacted the neighborhood of a staff member, she says ,this neighborhood is not clear ,but can not understand .Hotel owner told reporters ,now live in the hotel the old man into a big trouble .
Daily shoot the shit end urine serve not to say, the most worried about is advanced in age ,the old man ,if in the hotel has an unexpected misfortune ,will not know what to do .Now ready to the area to the police for help !Express reporter Xing Zhigang text / photo / Hua Xuan correspondent reporter Jie Liang of morning paper dispatch semi-trailer is suspected of overload ,highway law enforcement personnel .
Do not want to ,to escort the car on the way, dozens of men in the street unexpectedly ambush ,not only damaged highway law enforcement vehicles ,also beating law enforcement personnel ,robbed the seized documents .
A few days ago, Wenzhou Pingyang court verdict openly intercept obstructing official business ,law enforcement officers detained vehicles and beat Wang and a ,respectively, imprisonment for one year and 8 months and 10 months .
In December 28th last night ,Wang (driver for Zhang ) and Lou Mou two semi-trailers ,Louboutin Ireland,allegedly due to overload ,in Pingyang town of high-speed intersection ,Christian Louboutin Ireland,highway law enforcement personnel by ginger et al .
Law enforcement officers to escort to the car after Xiao town forest ,then processing .Escort process, Wang fear of punishment ,call the friend Lin for help .Lin that route ,immediately arranged ambush .
Lin lets Wang hit a taxi ,trailing off the highway law enforcement vehicles ,at any time to understand the dynamic .After that ,two people have phoned in to drive the driver Zhang ,let his car for Aojiang town Guide village Tak coal yard .
They also charge ,car ,hit bijump lamp express ,convenient get-away action .Semi trailer to Tak Sun yard near highways ,Lin has gathered dozens of people on both sides of the road ,in a .
Lin of Zhang drove into the yard, letter in the highway law enforcement vehicles up, Lin et al with an iron bar ,stopped a law enforcement vehicle .This group of people in the car, shouting ,kept kicking door ,smashing windows .
Break the two law enforcement car not ,also on the law enforcement officers ginger a 4 beat.Subsequently, they also force law enforcement officers to surrender the seized travel card ,driving license and other relevant documents .
At the same time ,Wang and some also directs Zhang ,quickly driving the semi-trailer fled the scene .After the incident ,the police in the investigation .Wang eventually surrendered ,and assist the captured Lin .
Court that, Wang and Lin a gang by violence ,preventing the State functionaries to perform their duties ,their behavior has constituted the crime of disrupting public service ,has made the above decision .
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